Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who MADE Ghajini??

Just got back from watching Ghajini. Yes, I had nothing better to do on the New Year's Eve...

Anyways, the movie is a big BIG disappointment.

In fact, take Amir out of the movie, and its nothing better than a B-grade flick! Asin does impress as Kalpana. All others (including Jiah) disappoint. The police officer (whoever plays that) disappoints beyond compare!

The story... though a lift, could have done better with the enticing plot. Imagine the mental trauma Amir could have portrayed. Audiences could have been on the edges of their seats guessing whats coming next; which second the protagonist is going to just have his memory erased!

Did the makers even watch Memento, by the way?? (Thats the original original, directed by Christopher Nolan in case u didn't know). Make no mistakes... that one is a gem of a psychological thriller. Wish Murugadoss et al had made a remake of that one instead and not wasted Amir.

And Amir! well, I went to watch him (knew the meat in the movie courtesy Mr.Rajeev Masand). Well... Amir doesn't have much scope here. He grunts, groans, shouts and grunts some more. Hrithik, Shahid and the whole new gen romantic boys could take notes from some of the romantic scenes. Amir looks young and ravishing, thanks to some great make-up and of course the 8-packs! But sadly, most of the time, he just keeps moving around like a killing-machine.

The answer to "Who is Ghajini" : Pradeep Yadav also disappoints big time. He doesn't live up to the hype, much like the movie; doesn't even look believable and only tries to put up an annoying fake Punjabi (was it?) accent.

Why I wrote this blog is.....Don't watch GHAJINI, (if you already haven't) unless you have nothing better to do or want to get some tips from Amir's performance. The only two excusable reasons!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Old Connections

I found the link to the blog I forgot the password to...
But it does have some creative stuff....
You could check out :

Will probly put them up on this blog as well....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Confessions of a Phoebe

Never knew
never thought
had a dream-
chased it hard.

Not a worry
not a care
gulped more beer-
on a dare.

Tomorrow came
had a hope
flew some more-
on some dope.

Just unwind
dine and wine.
Dance, grind-

Making out,
office calls
damn the cell-
Graham Bell.

Lead a life
different strife
someone's wife
could be gay.

I prescribe
Made a joke-
had our way.

More things change
more they don't.
change the world-
hell! I won't.

Didn't know why
didn't know who
didn't know where-
did we care.

Never known
never thought,
Another dream-
chase it hard!

Dec 15, 2008 0051hrs
Shubhashish, Pune.