Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rockstar just falls short of greatness!

Rockstar Rocks! No two views about it.

Ranvir pulls of a great performance. His acting makes the movie feel almost like a bio-pic. Imtiaz Ali has in short almost directed the crap out of the movie. The starting scene with rockstar Jordan followed by a 10 sec flash of his past and how beautifully the plot reveals in the first half. Too good!

By half time, the movie sets great expectations. Could it be one of the best movies, ever? There are plenty of reasons for it to be on that list. But, it doesn't quite make it.

The story in the second half just lacks the grippi-ness that the first half has. Shernaz Patel as Nargis' mother tries her best to convince us how she is witnessing miracle, but it seems The script also leaves some questions un-answered. Why does Heer (Nargis) have to suddenly leave Jordan after the Kangra show? Just because some journos catch them together? Does Jordan really hate himself? Or, does he just hate being controlled?
Nargis falls short of the acting standards set by Ranvir. But, I do not know who could replace her?

Rehman's music and background score is simply out of this world (I don't need to tell u that!). Rockstar just falls short of being a great movie. I think the terminal illness plot was its undoing. Having said that, its way better than the usual fare which is served to us in the name of 'HIT' movies. I wouldn't follow the collections though.

Sadda Haq! Aithe Rakh!


  1. An honest I review i would say.....The movie was abrupt at times but was still way better the fare dashed out by Bollywood....
    Keep blogging!!

  2. Thanks Pavi! I wish Imtiaz would have cared a little less about what people thought (much like Jordan) and made it more about music than mushing it up :)

  3. Good Mukund....keep it up
    Although I am missing your poetic touch

  4. Tell you something. I watched the 2nd DVD Rockstar came with (the making of ....). If you can find it, watch it. I watched that before watching the movie. And after watching the movie, I thought I liked the Making of... better.
    I can't agree with you more. I think Rockstar music rocked, Ranbir's acting rocked, direction, cinematography rocked, but somewhere the script lost it.
    Yet I loved it, maybe because I watched the other DVD first. I got to know the psyche of Ranbir and Imtiaz behind the making of the movie.