Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SLUM DOGs & Millionaires

whats all this nonsense about the movie Slumdog Millionaire selling slums!

Ok.. actually this post was supposed to be a review of the AMAZING movie that SM is. And this was supposed to come even before the Golden Globe nominations. But now there is the incessant need for controversies for the news media and all so... they have a scoop here. The saddest part is that many 'experts' on TV channels admitted NOT having seen the movie but still went on to give their comments. Mister! if you haven't seen the movie, why the hell do you have to come on a TV show and tell us what you 'think' is there and what you 'think' is right!

Anyways, media will be media!
Yes, I saw the movie before its release... I plead guilty of having downloaded it, but I will make it up to the producers by watching it in the theatre (again). :)

First, let me clarify that the movie does not sell slums, it sells HOPE... and an amazing script, some excellent direction and very endearing performances by..... by..... the Child Artists... (bdw why does the cast list not include them) all of them were absolutely fabulous.

Second, I don't care what ANYONE says or believes about India, whether they think its a slum or an IT hub or a country of snake charmers, I DON'T CARE... because India is NONE of these and ALL of these.

India is India's soul, (that should not be so hard to digest!). And what the movie shows is a truth. But I say 'a' truth and not the 'only' truth. India exists at different levels... there is the India of prosperity, there is the India of caste-ism, there is the India of super-geniuses, there is the India of malnutrition and there is also the India of world class hotels and multinationals... so which India should be portrayed in a movie??

None. Don't even care to answer that question, coz its at the liberty of the artist to portray anything; real or imaginary.

One movie cannot create the India in the minds of the people of the world.

Watch SM for the story that signifies hope and opportunity. And not for what some 'gora' will think about us when he watches it. We don't care what you think, we know who we are!

There was no need for any controversy at all (like Freida Pinto said in an interview...) there is a scene where Jamal's elder brother shows a multi-story under construction and says... "see.. this used to be our slum." That's another truth.

In India, anything is possible.


  1. we are what we are...whether any one likes it or not...neways u shld post this as a letter to the editor...m serious!

  2. Great review... i think this says my thoughts better than what i could come up with in words...

    I like the observation that we are all of the above and none of the above... really well said

    (btw ... i watched the movie before it released too :) ... pre-release screenings :) )

  3. i watched it much after it was released...and whatever u expressed in ur writing is true...the police beating, slums n child begging, 3 musketeers....and more
    we have more than one thing to project and it shudnt be a big deal if it was the slums this time
    but dont u think the controversies r coming coz a gora directed this lottery show...had some of our good directors tried this, it might not have got so much recognition and screams from the media...Rahman's music too was not better than his old attmepts but this became an international winner...
    lagaan had goras...this was made by a seems none other than them can take us to the Oscars....i love Black