Monday, August 15, 2011


It is with extreme sadness that I heard the Prime Minister's Independence day speech today. Two comments stand out:

1."Governemnt doesn't have a magic wand against corruption"  So? We should do nothing about it? 

2. "Fast is not the way...". Then, pray Mr.PM, what is?

Instead of taking a cue from the mass movement, the government is pulling out everything in the rule-book to work against it. No sane person would be against a strong anti-corruption bill, unless he is himself corrupt!

It is a shame how the government is trying to crush the non-violent protests against corruption. How can the citizens of Gandhi's India be denied peaceful protest? The logic behind invoking section 144 needs to be questioned.

15 August 2011 is a dark day for democracy in India.


  1. Aah dont great minds think alike ;) u should read my post on Independence

    Sad State of Affairs!! and I used to really respect our Prime Minister once upon a time

  2. Do check out a great article on same topic by Pavitra on