Thursday, December 17, 2009

Retail & an Old B-plan

Few years back (in 2005), I made a small business plan for a competition in my college (DCE). The venture had to be based on a use of the internet.

The idea was fairly simple - a 'local' website with info, community and online sale from neighbouring stores. I lived in Dwarka (a sub-city in Delhi) that time. So, the concepts was that I could go on a '' and get local info like-
- best deals on grocery, retail etc
- hotel menus and contact details
- opportunities for car pool (could post and use)
- info on local events
The ads from local stores could keep the site running.

The grocery needs are mostly repetitive in any household. The website would provide you the opportunity to buy from different stores sitting at home and order a free home delivery.

Some more facts:
1. Recently, I have been reading a book called "Why We Buy" from one Mr.Paco Underhill, who proclaims that without the impulse buying at stores the sales would plummet. Making my plan - a not so good one.

2. Retail research at Euromonitor says that internet sales in UK have already started to increase at the expense of direct sale. A favorable trend for my plan!

3. Justdial has this (amazing) database and service where you might as well get the store's number and call them! (but you wouldn't know stuff like best deals and car-pools)

4. Also, with the increase in population of senior citizens, this would be much more comfortable for them / their caretakers to shop. Ok maybe the senior citizens 5 yrs hence will be more net-savvy. (Although I could totally imagine my grandfather, who is quite net savvy, ordering grocery online)

So, is this an idea whose time has come? or maybe it will take another 5 years?

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