Thursday, August 19, 2010

BAS-O! (the story of a BAS Manager)

Two years of work-ex

and two years of ‘gas’.

CAT chase and rat-race

and, I got thru BAS.

Day-Z, I was no one,

Day-1, I was a star.

Only thing I hated was-

my city had no bar.

One treat was nothing,

even ten weren’t too many.

Friends, cousins and family,

I didn’t leave out any!

Work was fun, and rest was – well fun!

Stayed fit, hit the gym and enjoyed my life.

Romanced the girl I always loved,

and asked her to be my wife.

End of the year, things fell in place.

And viola! we got married.

Work kept me busy, hurried still,

but never really harried.

Re-union- I found out half my class

earned twice of what I pocket!

My roomie was funded by some VC

On a promise to launch a rocket!

Thrice the salary they offered.

Are you out of your wits!

Who wouldn’t feel awesome,

Who wouldn’t just quit!

Now I’m a partner (at a consult)

Like I always wanted.

I earn a million or zillion maybe,

haven’t really counted!

Thought I struck the fine life-balance,

meeting my family on skype.

Until last night, when I reached home,

my son called me ‘Uncle Ipe!’

Standing outside Trombay House

I think, maybe I’ve been an ass.

Guilty of spoiling my own sweet life,

“I want to go back to BAS”.

PS: Live your own dream. Not a borrowed one.

- August 17, 2010, Bangalore, Tata Global Beverages/TAS


  1. Hilarious! Am ROTFL :D Never knew about your blog or your creativity! Who is this loosely based on? Altaf? :P

    Keep it coming :)

  2. hey! Nicolas!! hehe...
    well didn't think of altaf while writing but nice observation!

    glad u liked it :)

  3. awesome hai Sirjee...
    cha gaye tussi to... :)